Revival and Focus for 2012

Dave Halls - 15 Jan 2012

Picking up on Dave Day's talk last week and looking at grace and Nehemiah, Dave talks abut revival and staying focused during 2012.

Here is more on the Smith Wigglesworth prophesy mentioned in the talk.

Revival and 2012 Dave Halls
Picking up from Dave Day's talk last week and looking at Grace and Nehemiah Dave goes onto to talk about the hope for Revival and the focus for 2012. A link to more info on the Smith Wigglesworth prophesy can be found on page when you click read more...
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Recorded: 15/01/2012
Length: 47 minutes
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Anne-Marie Ellis 18/01/2012 00:54
I love the idea of the lights being at work desks, in homes, shops, class rooms and hospitals. These are all places which are accessable to everyone.
Lost people aren't necessarily going to enter places of worship but will be sat next to you at work, or be someone you talk to in the shops,a parent or child at your school,a patient or someone visiting an ill relative or friend.
By befriending someone who needs God in their life it does open up to a world of possibilities. Imagine a 'church' meeting being held in your work lunch brake. Amazing.

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