god's Love It's Free

Part 1
Read the statement:
Nothing you can do will make God love you more. Nothing you can do will make God love you less.
Make a list of the questions this statement raises. Spend 10 minutes trying to answer those questions. (After the session, please post your list and responses to the website. If other groups have got there first only add questions they had not thought of but do include your answers to their questions.)
Part 2
In the context of prayer and preferably with a background of instrumental music ask two or three people each to read Matthew 11:25-30 from different translations. It may be better to avoid The Message on this occasion. 
Give them these three questions:
o        What strikes you?
o        What encourages you?
o        What seems weird?
Allow at least a minute between the readings.
Invite feedback (but do not press for other than by allowing silence)
What do you think the pictures of yoke and burden mean. Suggest alternatives?


Dave Halls, 22/01/2009