I, the Lord, Do Not change - Malachi 3:6

Heidi--I am the Lord  I change


Contemplating Clare's worship theme of 'God is.... I am', I felt 'I am NOT'... able to depict such an awesome reality on large sheets of lining paper with poster paints in the brief time allocated during the Sunday meeting. My countless questioning conversations with God were along the lines of 'Give me a clue, please!' Nothing...

Until Saturday morning one of my favourite waterfalls inspired the reality of Malachi 3:6. 'I the Lord do not change.' It is awe-inspiring to witness seasonal changes of the deciduous trees in the waterfall's background; stark and exposed during this snowy winter, gradually transformed with colourful buds in the spring, lush and verdant in the summer and bursting with radiant colour in the autumn ...before the leaves dissipate and the cycle starts all over! In contrast, the peaceful burbling of the spring-fed waterfall remains constant, the majestic conifers remain lush and green through all seasons.

May we remain intensely aware that during our life's recurrent seasons of starkness, new hope, and abundance that our Father God's steadfast love for us does not change, is ever-present and flows through our lives.

Heidi Roberts