(Cell follow up from Sunday 10 May)
Hopefully the powerpoint will be on the website early this week. You may wish to flip through the slides. Included with this material is a storyboard as a reminder.
warm-up: expressions
Just to start: 
o        In the pack is a collage of some Dayspring expressions. Do all of these merit being called an ‘expression’? What ones have been omitted?
o        Ask people to list expressions of Dayspring and suggest the people focus and particular essence of each. 
Focus: SUNDAYS is about developing disciples.
Read Matthew 11:25-30 and look at the photo in the pack.
o        Verses 28-29 provide a picture of discipleship, highlighting the experience of an animal becoming a disciple. What are the benefits and costs of being yoked for the animal?
o        List things that strike you as odd about being yoked to Jesus?
o        Can you think of contemporary images which parallel that of being yoked?
essence: less religion…more living
Option A. Read James 1:26-27 and Isaiah 58:5-12. How does James add to Isaiah’s ideas about credible religion and why does James’s ‘higher standard’ matter.
Option B. Read James 1:22-27. Becoming religious in the worst sense is something that easily happens to all of us. What can we put into place to check that Dayspring is not becoming ‘more religion…less living’.
Show the rough logo for SUNDAYS.
o        Does ‘less religion…more living’ do a good job of expressing the essence of Dayspring?
o        Can you think of a strap line that would do a better job of helping us to be clear in communicating and focused in faith? 
o        Do you have comments on the revised logo for Dayspring and for Sundays? 
Please post responses to the last section on the website. If in doubt check with Anna as to where they should go.


Dave Halls, 18/05/2009