Encounter - 2009 Sep to Nov

Encounter AdOur first Encounter evening with Carl Wills.  Wow what an evening.  It really did what it said on the tin.  We had a chance to focus on God and His presence as Rolf lead us in worship and Carl spoke and prayed for us.  It was encouraging to hear what God had to say through Carl to the church as a  whole and individuals.

Click HERE to hear the recording of what Carl spoke about.
Click HERE to hear a recording of what Carl prayed for Dayspring and individuals.

Remember at the end Dave Halls mentioned about having questions and comments on what Carl had to say.  Add your questions and comments HERE.

Our second Encounter evening with Da
ve Day and a team from Bristol Christian Fellowship was another excellent evening.  People encountered God and we are still hearing good stories as result of the evening.  Let's remember with God's help we can run with horses.  Click HERE for a video clip that might help you visualise this.  There is no recording from this event.

In the final Encounter evening Nick Crawley spoke from John 11 v 40 - "Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?"  Click HERE to listen to a recording of the evening. 

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