Platform Nine and Three Quarte

An occasional series loking at the presence of God and noticing Him.

13 Oct 2013
Platform Nine and Three Quarters clip
Psalm 139 video
First Awareness Test

3 Nov 2013
Child on Toilet clip
Day of Pentecost clip

24 Nov 2013
Platform nine and three quarters real life

8 Dec 2013

2 Feb 2014
Dave continues to look at the life of Elijah and how we notice God in the everyday.

9 Feb 2014
Dave concludes the series on noticing, attending and responding to God. 
Have you been aware of God Recently? Handout Dave gave out to everyone at the end.
Swing Low Sweet Chariot - video played as people came into the room.
New York Subway - first video in the talk
Swing Low Sweet Chariot - another version
Did you notice? Video testing how attentive you are.
Stuart Hamblen - The story behind This 'Ole House
This Ole House - Shakin Stevens cover

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