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Dave Halls, 25/05/2011

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Talking about the cross from a Pentecostal perspective.

MP900449125Here are a few resources that may help with my CCT Good Friday talk.


You can find my source for the statistics here.

I have been strongly influenced by recent thinking done by James K A Smith on Pentecostal Epistemology. 

You can get his book here

or watch a lecture on the subject here.


My father's story can be found here and my mother's here.

The unedited script for my talk is here.

If you would like to pursue any of the ideas I have raised you should be able to comment below. 
To access other resources including information about current interests, please email me at


Dave Halls, 21/04/2011

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The opposite spirit

MP900386815This Sunday we were back to talking about the cross and made some small reference to spiritual warfare and the idea of ACTING IN THE OPPOSITE SPIRIT.

I first heard of this idea from Gerald Coates but I believe it might have developed in YWAM with Loren Cunningham, the founder.

Anyway, if you want to know more, here and here are two helpful articles which you can read at leisure.

Dave Halls, 08/03/2011

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Awesome cross of power

Its 10.20 on Saturday night.  I've got tomorrow's talk as far as I can - just a case of sleeping on it and praying the detail through in the morning.

Here are the bits you might want to follow up the session.

Wordles are a neat way of summarising and analysing text.  You can make your own at

Col 2

Colossians 2:13-15

1 cor 15


1 Corinthians 15:50-57

Here's the song which tells it better than I ever could. 


And if you want to see the longer version of the HBO clip of the Roman triumphal procession, including a gory reminder of what happens to defeated enemies...

Dave Halls, 05/03/2011

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How to pray for Egypt

Here's a quick Sunday link from Ruth which gives a valuable prayer angle on whats happening in Egypt.

Read more

Dave Halls, 06/02/2011

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Awesome cross of freedom and forgiveness

The base from which I am working totay is Ephesians 1:7

For by the blood of Christ we are set free, that is our sins are forgiven.

That says it all really but the other ideas come from Colossians 1:19b-23a and Galatians 6:1-5.

Here's the fantastic movie I am showing towards the end.

Dave Halls, 29/01/2011

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We're not the only ones...

iStock000013852845Smalljpgscal...who like stories. Here's a new site where you can post and read about life in the church.  Why not think about contributing?

Dave Halls, 28/01/2011

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Yesterday I met with Stewart Keiller of Bath City Church. Its always valuable to listen to other pastors particularly one like Stewart who connects with a wide range of flavours of charismatic spirituality in the UK and in the US.
We got to talking about prayer and how we were aiming to get it back to the centre of Dayspring and that I wanted to get to praying top down rather than bottom up. Stewart told me about an insight from Liz Evans, a senior team member at BCC whose task is to equip people in the prophetic. 
Liz uses the model of three heavens, based on a Jewish idea which is sometimes implied in the Bible, for instance in Ephesians. According to this model there is a second heaven, dominated by angels and demons which influences human life. You can see how this could be an explanation of Ephesians 6:12. What does she say:
Her point is that when charismatic Christians stop praying from the bottom up—from a shopping list of needs—they focus on this sphere of influence with binding and loosing and contesting and stuff much more than is appropriate. This can have some fairly negative stress outcomes.
Instead, we should pray from the angle of the third heaven, a perspective potentially open to us. From that angle is it is possible to pray what we see the father doing.
Once you start thinking of praying in that way, you have the chance of sidestepping some of the issues about spiritual forces in the area and occupying higher ground. All sorts of Bible ideas about prayer can be plugged into this grid and of course it fills out the strategy for praying,
your kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
That’s where I got the idea for the ad. for our prayer times and why we will make sure that worshipping will form an important part of our meetings.
Incidentally, later in the conversation, Liz put her head round the door of Stewart’s shoe box of a room. After she had remembered who I was and perhaps how she had prayed over us, she said. ‘Oh yes.  I really like your church’. Then she said, ‘It’s been very dark but is going to get a lot lighter’. Then she was gone; off to pick up her kids from school.  Of course, Liz has never visited.
I do enjoy being around prophetic people. 


Dave Halls, 09/06/2010

Donna (Guest) 12/06/2010 18:22
Would you explain a bit more about these three heavens and the link to praying styles? I can't make the jump from the heavenly sphere in Ephesians and the bottom up/top down/third way of praying.
Anna Townsend 14/06/2010 10:19
I guess you are saying we should be praying from God's perspective and into where he is moving. That sounds a great idea but it's not always easy though to know what that is.
Dave Halls 15/06/2010 23:08
OK. Its 10.45 and I'm waiting for Wendy to stop working so I can get to bed so lets try and respond to these great comments. first on Donna's comment. Bottom up prayer--from our immediate human perspective. We decide what is necessary. We ask for it. If our requests connect with God's intentions, thats as much luck as judgement. Trying to avoid examples as the same request can come from a variety of positions. That seems fairly clear.

I think what Lizzie is getting at is, that when this kind of prayer does not work,we begin to discern patterns of opposition which we feel are due to demonic forces. Even if we are right there is a real danger that hoping that our angelic support can overcome satanic opposition, or perhaps binding the bad stuff and loosing God's power can result in inappropriate stress and focusing on evil. The Ep 6 ref appears to identify a sort of wild west spiritual environment which draws us in.
This is patently different from the heavenly places where we sit with Christ, see what he sees and pray his will into being. Is that clearer or am I trying to answer the wrong question.

Anna's point is valid but this way of thinking about prayer implies that if we don't make our requests from God's angle there is actually little point in praying. It draws from places like 1 John 5:14-15 and focuses on faith as the determining factor in prayer. Faith comes from God so we have to see it from his angle. Of course this isnt the only way of looking at prayer and I too find it difficult to be sure of what God wants. Nevertheless I think that in practice that people who subscribe to the idea that you dont start praying until you have a conviction about what God wants do seem to do better at making requests in prayer. For that reason alone I would like to get into that way of praying. There's so much stuff that we would like God to do...
By the way. I totally agree that it seems difficult to discern what God wants but I do wonder why Jesus didnt see it as a big issue.

Further thoughts?