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Dave Halls, 25/05/2011

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Talking about the cross from a Pentecostal perspective.

MP900449125Here are a few resources that may help with my CCT Good Friday talk.


You can find my source for the statistics here.

I have been strongly influenced by recent thinking done by James K A Smith on Pentecostal Epistemology. 

You can get his book here

or watch a lecture on the subject here.


My father's story can be found here and my mother's here.

The unedited script for my talk is here.

If you would like to pursue any of the ideas I have raised you should be able to comment below. 
To access other resources including information about current interests, please email me at


Dave Halls, 21/04/2011

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The opposite spirit

MP900386815This Sunday we were back to talking about the cross and made some small reference to spiritual warfare and the idea of ACTING IN THE OPPOSITE SPIRIT.

I first heard of this idea from Gerald Coates but I believe it might have developed in YWAM with Loren Cunningham, the founder.

Anyway, if you want to know more, here and here are two helpful articles which you can read at leisure.

Dave Halls, 08/03/2011

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Awesome cross of power

Its 10.20 on Saturday night.  I've got tomorrow's talk as far as I can - just a case of sleeping on it and praying the detail through in the morning.

Here are the bits you might want to follow up the session.

Wordles are a neat way of summarising and analysing text.  You can make your own at

Col 2

Colossians 2:13-15

1 cor 15


1 Corinthians 15:50-57

Here's the song which tells it better than I ever could. 


And if you want to see the longer version of the HBO clip of the Roman triumphal procession, including a gory reminder of what happens to defeated enemies...

Dave Halls, 05/03/2011

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How to pray for Egypt

Here's a quick Sunday link from Ruth which gives a valuable prayer angle on whats happening in Egypt.

Read more

Dave Halls, 06/02/2011

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Awesome cross of freedom and forgiveness

The base from which I am working totay is Ephesians 1:7

For by the blood of Christ we are set free, that is our sins are forgiven.

That says it all really but the other ideas come from Colossians 1:19b-23a and Galatians 6:1-5.

Here's the fantastic movie I am showing towards the end.

Dave Halls, 29/01/2011

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We're not the only ones...

iStock000013852845Smalljpgscal...who like stories. Here's a new site where you can post and read about life in the church.  Why not think about contributing?

Dave Halls, 28/01/2011

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awakeThat's a question which is posed all the way through Greg Boyd's book, Present Perfect.  He's talking about being awake to God's presence and finds he needs so much reminding that he puts post-it notes with the question on all over the place--even in his sermon notes.

He writes:
For a variety of reasons, I flat-lined spiritually, to the point that I had to take an unplanned three-month sabbatical from ministry.  Among the things I did to rectify my stagnation was read once again Brother Lawrence’s wonderful book. On the recommendation of some friends, I also studied several other authors who advocated something like this discipline (Jean Pierre de Caussade, a 17th century priest, and Frank Laubach, a 20th century missionary).  As a result, I recommitted myself to cultivating a moment-by-moment awareness of God’s presence.  For whatever reasons, at this point in my life this discipline was not only beneficial: it was absolutely life-giving!  Indeed, it seemed to me at this time – and this has remained my conviction ever since — that practicing the presence is the single most foundational discipline a follower of Jesus could ever engage in.  In fact, for reasons that are made clear in Present Perfect, I believe remaining aware of, and surrendered to, God’s presence on a moment-by-moment basis is the very essence of discipleship. Living in the kingdom, I believe, is first and foremost about staying awake and surrendered to the reign of God.

A group blogging project has started this week working through the book, a sort of online cell study.  I don't know what it's going to be like but you can follow it here.

Dave Halls, 06/07/2010

Izzy Scott 12/07/2010 22:06
I'm really enjoying this series you're doing Dave. I can totally relate to several of the scenarios you've described.
Is part of the reason I live as a practical atheist much of the time simply because it is easier to? It definitely requires more focus to remind myself that Jesus is with me always - and then start grappling with the implications - both great and also challenging - that arise from that truth... This world makes it so easy to live your whole life in a kind of semi-distracted state where 'centering in' on an awareness of God rarely gets a look in.
However, this morning I did dig into that truth walking down the road on the way back from the gym - and found myself with an awareness of His presence and a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth : )

Very excited to see that Greg Boyd has written a book on this topic - he often taught at YWAM Denver, which I always found stimulating and thought provoking. He's a fun guy - great drummer too! You are probably aware that you can get podcasts of his sermons on itunes as well...
Dave Halls 14/07/2010 11:04
Wow. Thanks for the comments. Sorry I didn't pick them up earlier. I'd really like to meet Boyd. He's written a load of great books including GOD OF WAR on spiritual warfare. Have you looked at his church website?

Boyd ranks a guy called Frank Laubach alongside Brother Lawrence and de Caussade. He only died a few years back and came up with something called THE GAME WITH MINUTES (he was a literacy teacher)to help people get into practicing the presence. I've just lifted it from the web and will post it somewhere so people can get to see it.