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Here are resources which will help small groups get close to God.

Be aware they are varied in length and in the degree to which they will take people outside their comfort zones.


Please do comment after using the material.  We know that one size does not fit all and we need all the feedback we can get.


Song Writing--an opportunity to express worship to God in a new song which uses existing tunes 


Worship Collage--affirming expressive worship which does not require songs or voices


Song to Scripture--singing a simple song and engaging with the words


In the Bad Times--Finding God when you feel abandonned


Focusing on Jesus: Open our Eyes--encouraging and equiping group members to be aware of Jesus


Focusing on Jesus: Attending to Jesus--starting from a song, helping develop the ability to pay attention to the Lord


Healing Leaves--A meditation to focus on God's heart for healing AND express that heart in practice.



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